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Medial success warranted

Since the early 2000's cd mediateam is assisting athletes, clubs and associations with their media relations. Collaterally, or operatively as a connection between sports organization and media representatives.

For successful sports organizations, a sustainable relationship management is one of the key survival factors in an ever-changing media world. To stand out in the daily wealth of information, it requires an elaborate strategy.

Media Service by cdmediateam

News topics attractively revised

Journalistically edited contents, which can be used exclusively as is, or that get provided in a pool. The media agency cd mediateam considers itself a provider for sports journalists.

The way media works is ever-changing. New channels open up a huge potential, time-proven formats are looking for more efficient workings. Sports is a top seller in the media world, and attracts crowds.

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Strong formats with profundity

Cd mediateam's got the competence for creating and completing a product, that can score with visual contour and compelling topics. Cd mediateam takes care of ideas, conception, composition and content.

Magazines, audio-visual newsletters, internet and social media appearances, as well as personal formats - that is what successful sports organizations focus on when communicating with their peer groups. Media corporations are looking for the most efficient way, and benefit from "finished products".

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Powerful presence

The cd mediateam team is assisting businesses with their external communication. The creative competence offers a one-stop service - traditionally as well as groundbreaking.

Sports and games have always been a matter of great importance for people. While in the Roman Empire the emperors were responsible for the amusement of the populace, nowadays it is mostly companies, who are the big players in sports. In sports sponsoring there are some basic rules, that help benefit from partnership.

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for professional sport teams

Our flagship: A well-established tool for the structured providing of individual media contents to partners and media outlets with regard to the ever changing market situation in the modern world. Strengthen your image with this amazing tool for modern media communication.

Details for all managers of professional sports organizations:

Our league

No matter what region and sport, more and more provider of sports entertainment
are relying on the media agency cd mediateam – some of our clients.


Dornbirner Eishockey Club
Spengler Cup
Erste Bank Eishockey Liga
BMC Racing Team

Our partners

Local, national and international. Print, online, radio and TV. Some of the media, that is counting on cd mediateam's contents, when it comes to the daily coverage of events.



Our outfitters

The media agency cd mediateam is striving for top performance. To achieve this goal,
cd mediateam places its trust in the following outfitters.


Apple Macbook
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At home in the heart of Europe

The media agency cd mediateam is based in the Principality of Liechtenstein
– a region that creatively brings out the best.

Nestled in the countryside, and close to the biggest European cities, the microstate is
the perfect location. Our offered services always have their finger on the pulse of the time, and get reflected globally in the eventful world of sports.

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