Football is coming new

Time of global lockdown is coming to an end and sport fans all over the world can breathe through. In this article we explain why sports is ready for a wider audience after the crisis.

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Football will be different after the coronavirus crisis, says FIFA chief Gianni Infantino.

And the FIFA president is right.

It is still unclear in which ways football and all sports will be “different” and what new values there will be. Nobody will know that until we get the game running again. That's why it's so important that the German league – the Fußball-Bundesliga – will kick-off the soccer ball on May 16th. Other countries who have been putting all sports on hold will follow that example soon.

The gained experience will lead the sports world to its future.

Is it possible that our new experiences due to COVID-19 will lead us in the wrong direction? Yes, there is no doubt about that. But if you don’t start trying something you will never get the chance to achieve your goals. That's a fact.

We should focus on the numerous opportunities that these new chapters of sports business will bring to us in our daily lives.

The kick-off will be huge and there is certainly going to be a vast variety of spectators. It doesn't matter if we partake as cardboard cutouts in the stadium (like the creative idea from Borussia Mönchengladbach offers) or in front of our TV screens at home (right-holder sky will give free access to the first two game-days to attract potential future customers).

What are the right questions that we have to ask ourselves right now?

As media outlets it's time to let sports shine in a brand new light with all the recently developed OTT opportunities. It's time to showcase our full power now!

As clubs it's time to discover brand new audiences. Matches without fans at the venue force organizations to think outside the box. If arenas are closed for the public you have to entertain your fans at their homes. In that case, borders don't exist. Think about a worldwide audience.

Let's move on to a thrilling future. And of course, stay healthy.

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