Recently Facebook announced its plans to remove Page Likes and instead to focus fully on Followers. For the good of public figures like sports organizations or athletes as they have described as followed in their release:

“Unlike Likes, Followers of a Page represent the people who can receive updates from Pages, which helps give public figures a stronger indication of their fan base”.

The change will happen over the coming weeks. For further details read Facebook's Introducing the New Pages Experience.

Be aware to response right

Why do we tell you that? Because you may see a change in the total number of Followers on your Pages. It will be more than likely that your Follower count will be lower than your total Page Likes, so be prepared to see a reduction in your page metrics. Your current Follower count may even increase if your current Follower number is higher than your Page Like count.

As the total number of "fans" is still an important metric for sports GMs to showcase success of social media it's important to be aware of this change regarding any ongoing analytics.

Measure yourself

With its feature "Pages to Watch" Facebook let you easily compare the performance of your Page and posts with similar Pages. That gives you an idea on where you are sitting in the standings.

Screenshot Facebook

It makes no sense to compare your numbers with the best of the world. Choose a handful of equal or a little bit more successful organizations to get the most out of this comparision. You can find this handy tool on your Facebook Page inside the Overview-tab of your Page Insights.

In gereral, social media gives you a huge oppurtinity to develop your sports organization based on data metrics. With this blog post we just want to place two impulses to hopefully kick-off your mind if you arn't already a guru in Social Media Analytics.