Founder's Thoughts (#001) | Maybe we've never been so happy that another year has gone. The year 2020 is over, and 2021 is here. Yes!

After a year full of space for reflection and introspection it’s the time to set the right tone for the new year now!

I have been busy coming up with my goals for 2021, and I wanted to share the biggest ones with you.

The first goal I have for 2021 is to be on track.

Planning has never played a big role in my life. Maybe the excuse to be more creative without it was too big. It was the time that I spent rather in doing things than planning them. With 2021 the time has come to change that and add PLANNING to my number one list. To get things done in time. To accomplish it we have started using plan and track tools from toggl. 🤞 Fingers crossed.

The second goal I have for 2021 is to teach more.

By working for several sports organizations with athleets from all the world over the last decades, we've gained an unique experience in sports communication. Now it's time to share that knowledge with others. I really want to spread the word, give tips and SHARE PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE. "Founder's Thoughts" as weekly email newsletter is the first step, a membership network will follow later this year. 🤞 Fingers crossed.

There’s nothing like sharing your goals with a list of friends to make sure I stay accountable and actually work towards completing my goals!

What about you?

What is your #1 goal for 2021? Hit reply and let me know.

It really makes me happy to know more about what your goals and desires are.

Here’s to a productive 2021!


Christian Dreier
cd mediateam Est.