📋 CHECKLIST | Now it's time to rock your story

Don't stand still – use #lockdown as motivation!

More than ever we have the attention of many sport fans who are “isolated” all over the world. Being aware of that, the global sports family including leagues, clubs and athletes have become creative and are entertaining their fans through their social media channels. Challenges like e.g. the #ToiletPaperChallenge motivate people to #StayAtHome and athletes encourage fans to donate money or provide local support.

If the daily business in sports stands still, it's our opportunity to create high level media content for a large audience. We have collected some useful tips in the following brief checklist.


[  ✅  ] Get familiar with new tools like Zoom

Video conferencing tools, like my absolute favorite Zoom, or others like Microsoft Teams and Skype are in every mouth right now. Install the software, set up a nice environment in a little corner of your home(-office) and you are ready to go. Important: Check and clean up your background! [...you don't even need a bookshelf 😉]

Zoom offers you the opportunity to record your meetings as MP4 video file. Making it easy to re-watch the footage, write your stories down and even broadcast the video or audio on air. The quality is good enough! I never saw so much “non broadcast quality”-material on big TV networks like on these days.


[  ✅  ] Schedule longer interview meetings now

As the sports world in general is very stressful with lots of travelling and a tight schedule, we can now profit from the extra time due to the #lockdown. Not only we, but also the athletes are obligated to stay at home. A new experience for all of us.

Now is your chance to make use of the situation and schedule longer interviews that would not be possible during a running season. With Zoom no registration is needed for the athletes – just send out a link and anyone can join the interview meeting.



[  ✅  ] Think about a story not about COVID-19

Within your brainstorming and research for a story act like COVID-19 doesn't exist. There is no other topic in media right now. Thus, people and particularly sport fans are tired of hearing the news. It's our opportunity to turn the ship around.


[  ✅  ] Don't get lost in the past

It’s true that picking out historic moments can lead to great stories. Yet, keep in mind that the sport fans don't want to relive the whole sports history right now.



[  ✅  ] Stop creating 'Corona Content'

The time for pure “Corona Content” is over – we have enough of it now. Think in real stories that underline the value of the athletes and create a subtle connection to the current health situation.

[  ✅  ] Give your story a big stage

Even tough sports coverage in media has changed overnight and almost every media outlet has cut down the volume for sports, there is still a lot of room to fill. Maybe it's time for your story to fill this space in media and therefore reach a larger audience.

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