The biggest challenge is definitely to work with so many uncertainties.

Christian Feichtinger, director of two multi-national leagues and Champions Hockey League Board member, named the amount of uncertainties as the biggest challenged of this summer. (Source:

The “Corona summer” brought a new title sponsor ("Bet-at-home"), a new TV partner ("Puls24") and a brand-new corporate design to ice hockey fans in Austria and the surrounding countries Hungary, Italy and Slovakia.

A look into the rearview mirror as well as into the crystal ball

In terms of content creation and publishing, it's important to keep the spirit of ice hockey fans alive as well as to look back onto a successful era.

While the management of clubs and league organizers are trying to limit certain uncertainties such as: Can we cross the borders? Can we play with fans? For how long will the economic operators uphold the appropriate conditions for men’s sport? What about the arenas? When can we start the league? Will sponsorship money be cut or not? TV deals? When can the teams start training together? Can they play exhibition games? And the communication departments are challenged by the unusual situation as well.

No transfer news. No ticket sells. No fan events. But a ton of material to deliver to the fans as e.g. the fan vote to the #AllTimeLineUp of each team.


Obviously also the summer practice has changed. Like e.g. the Dornbirn Bulldogs, some teams have converted their big rinks into centers for strength and conditioning due to social distancing regulations.

Dornbirn Bulldogs are getting in shape at Messestadion Dornbirn. (Photo: CDM)

The experts speak: How the coronavirus has affected pro hockey in Central Europe

Gergely Egri from the Alliance of European Hockey Clubs interviewed league and federation presidents in the central European region to get a small picture of the status of their hockey and the people affected by this critical situation.

Get informed by Dejan Kontrec, Tommaso Teofoli, Christian Feichtinger, Mirosław Minkina and Richard Lintner now.

Ice Hockey goes #BeyondVictories

The Austrian centered international Ice Hockey League with former and current participants from Austria, Croatia, Czech, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia is working with cd mediateam Est. since 2012.