Founder's Thoughts (#002) | It's more than likely that a major part of your sponsorship agreements are built on spectators in and around your venue.

In 2020 we lost them all due to restrictions. And what's now?

Puck drops for a brand new NHL season on January 13th and the league has built a new revenue stream for its franchises. Helmet ads, which are 2.25-by-3.75-inches (5,7-by-9,5-centimeters) in size, are new to the NHL for this season as the league looks to help teams recoup some revenue while games remain behind closed doors.

Looking for new opportunities is the thing! With the tremendous growth of digital and social media over the past decade, the possibilities are endless, but there is more on our to-do list.

The global crisis has set also your business partners under pressure and more than ever it's your turn to demonstrate the values of a sponsorship. Analyze the value of your sponsorships across linear broadcast TV, social media, and streaming platforms is getting complex. How to assess sponsorship ROI in real-time across social media, broadcast and streaming channels?

We found the company GumGum Sports on the web that offers a tool to meet this need. After downloading their guide (The brand guide to optimizing sponsorship performance) we are considering to take a deeper look into their solution.

What do you think? Do you have any other tools to recommend? Please let me know by replying to this message.

And one more things for today: earlier this week we put together a brief explanation of how Facebook changes the way to count your fans. Make sure you didn't miss it.

Let's do the things 2021!


Christian Dreier
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